Remove everything from sockets:Stick in cube and just hit transmute.

Rare re-roll:Rare in cube and hit transmute re-rolls unless there are sockets.

Rare re-roll with socket:Rare item + p topaz(Only use if item has sockets will work without sockets too)

Re-roll unique small charm:Unique charm +1 Zod rune( Does not work with Annihilus )

Re-roll unique large charm:Unique large charm + 2 Zod rune(Does not work with Hellfire Torch

Re-roll unique grand charm:Unique grand charm + 3 Zod rune(Does not worth with azurewrath grand charm due to being more than 1 azurewrath in the game)

Socket items:Item + Socket Spike(Crystal Sword + 6 Socket Spikes gives it 6 sockets)

Force Item Ethereal:Item + P Obsidian

Upgrade Rare item:Rare Upgrader + Rare item of choice(Normal to Exceptional to Elite)

Easy p gem:1 chipped + 1 flawed + 1 regular + 1 flawless= 1 perfect (All must be same type of gem)

3 runes of same type=Upgrades rune

2 runes of same type=Downgrades rune

Stone of Jordan + Unique small or large charm= Turns that charm into a ring

Stone of Jordan + Unique grand charm= Turns that charm into an amulet

Key of Destruction + Key of Hate + Key of Terror = Portal to get an organ part

(Collect 3 of each key to make it easier on yourself)

Baal's Eye + Diablo's Horn + Mephisto's Brain =Portal to Uber Tristram

Perfect Diamond + Magic Item = Superior Normal Item

Repair:Repair tool + item = repair durability/stack/charge

(Works on Arrows/Bolts/Throwing)

Upholder + Helmet = Helmet with added 2% xp ( Stacks up to 461% xp)